Wave India News Network (WINN) is a branch of Biocine Media Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. which started its journey from 2005 with a non frictional crime based Television show. Later that the company managed the management rights and serves as content provider of various news channels and also company was associated to launch many Television Channels as their core technical assistant partner. Company is successfully dealing with satellite teleports, DSNG (Digital Satellite News Gathering) vans; news feed transfer services through cloud since 2010.

Apart from that a Biocine Media Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. stepped in entertainment field in 2015 and successfully produced one regional language film (Bengali) and one national language film (Hindi) and associated with many feature films as their sole promotion, marketing and distribution partner. Our company also produces a large number of web series, short films, non-frictional program etc. Company produces a good number of regional music also. In August 2019, Biocine Media Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. receives the permission to set up News Agency from Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) of India.

Now, company is assuring to serve news from the various parts of the country as well as to provide the live transmission services of the News by using the DSNG van or the best possible technical solution throughout the country. Company also assures to serve the same services to the web portals and You tubers because company believes that along with the television channels these web platforms also serve the nation.

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